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  • large doses of food history—I trawl the archives of libraries, newspapers, and my own cookbook collection for interesting tidbits
  • travel tips—whether you look for hotel recommendations or the best shop for spices, I’ve got you covered.

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Is there anything in particular that you’d like to learn more about? Or are you planning a visit? Send me an email and we’ll see how I can help.


It started with butter

Just a few decades ago, butter was still considered a luxury item. Today, most people in Sweden can take butter for granted.

We take a lot for granted.

With Swedish Spoon, I want to return to Sweden’s cultural food heritage. And it started with learning how to make butter, the traditional way.

It is (or should be) possible to respect and learn from history and traditions, without becoming antiquated.

In later years, we’ve seen a rising interest for food-related history and craftsmanship in Sweden. This is worth rejoicing over, for the sake of a living countryside, preservation of old knowledge, and a more sustainable food production chain.

We’ve come a long way since the butter was placed on a pedestal on the festive tables, just to be looked at and not to be eaten. But maybe increased awareness of our past can make us better equipped to care for and appreciate the place on earth that we’re part of—now and in the future.


My name is Isabelle Fredborg and I write copy and content focused on cultural heritage and artisanal food. Swedish Spoon is my sandbox and playground where I share food experiments, learn traditional Swedish crafts and play tourist in my own country.

Without false modesty, I’m a rather average cook. But what I lack in skill and finesse, I make up for by being curious and stubborn (if it takes twelve attempts to perfect dulce de leche completely from scratch… well, fine). And, à la Hermoine Granger, I have a penchant for turning to the books to help me find the magic in my culinary adventures.




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