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Take the Swedish baking quiz!

What delicious treat should you bake next? No matter what ingredients you have at home or what you feel like, this quiz will find your perfect choice — together with a recipe.

How to cook Swedish meatballs

Master Swedish meatballs once and for all. Learn the history, what the star chefs recommend, and tempting ways to serve these mouth-watering treats. Or, just skip straight to the tried-and-tested recipe.

Make irresistible semlor

The Swedish Lenten bun is a feast of whipped cream, cardamom and almond paste. Here’s how you’ll make authentic, delicious semlor…

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Take the Swedish baking quiz

What delicious Swedish thing would you like to bake next? With so many options, it can be difficult to choose…

So, why not let the Swedish baking quiz guide you to the perfect choice for you? Yes, you’ll even get the recipe. 

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homemade butter

For the love of (homemade) butter

Have you tried making your own cultured butter? Get the best tips and tricks for making your own yellow gold at home, without any special equipment.

You’ll also learn how butter was made in Sweden during the 19th century.