Swedish Bucket List

Why a bucket list?

Life isn’t about ticking off as many things as possible from an arbitrary list of “shoulds” – far from it.

But it is easy to live a life of habit and take the wonderful environment around us for granted. We end up only making an effort to visit new places and experience new things when we travel.

I want to challenge myself to discover more of Sweden. Why not read the classics, hike the mountains, learn the traditional crafts? My hope is that the list will hold myself accountable, not for striving but for continuous intention to explore. And so, the list consists of things that excite me in some way.

This list is a bit different from other bucket lists I’ve seen. It isn’t about goals, but wishes. I look forward to the people to meet, the lessons to learn, and the memories to cherish.

Maybe something resonates with what you would like to do. In that case, why not join me?