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This is written in plain English, just for you, because you are human so let’s speak human instead of legalese.

You are encouraged to visit Swedish Spoon, swedishspoon.com, as often as you like. Just don’t be a bot, a spammer, or a stalker.

I take no responsibility whatsoever for anything you may or may not do with anything found on this site. Use your own good judgement. You know – don’t add nuts in a recipe if someone’s allergic, don’t try a new recipe two hours before the Very Important Guests are coming, don’t live on just cookies even if it is tempting because you’ll get fat and ill – that sort of things. But you know that already.

Also, when it comes to prices, opening hours, venues at all existing – I do my best to provide accurate data (mostly at no cost whatsoever for you), but I can’t take any responsibility for them. Things change. It was true at the time of publishing. If you find any such inaccuracies, it would be very kind of you to let me know. But do check and verify the information before you go if it is important to you.

This site isn’t meant to be an objective tourist brochure. It contains opinions. My own, flawed, subconsciously biased opinions. I like some things and don’t like others. While I try to give an accurate view, you might have a completely different experience, for good or for bad. I know you are adventurous enough that you won’t let that stop you, but still – I can’t promise you will have a good time. Fingers crossed, though.

When it comes to recommendations, or what I write about, I promise to let you know if I get any kind of compensation, sponsorship, free cookie, etc. Integrity is important for me. So is surviving and paying bills, so when I do accept sponsorships or renumeration, you’ll know. Also, if I am talking about someone or something I have any kind of relationship with – as a friend, customer, shareholder, or the like – you’ll know.

If you feel that I have linked to, shared or somehow misused any information of yours, please let me know. I do my best to provide credit where credit due and is rightly mortified if you are of a different opinion. Email me and we’ll sort it.

If we have a disagreement about anything, I’d prefer if we could settle it with an email, or over some cookies. I’ll be sad if we have to “lawyer up”, but if so, we’ll settle things in Stockholm tingsrätt, Sweden, if necessary, or any court more suitable for that particular case. Not that I mind lawyers – I have a lot of family and friends who have taken that route – but it would be nicer to handle things ourselves, like humans.

Comment policy

Swedish Spoon is my living room. Critical opinions are fine, but if anyone is rude, I’ll kick them out. Keep comments free of insulting language, promotions, and spam, or I’ll use my right to edit or delete. Yep, it is my judgement that rules. That said, bring on the discussion!

Deleting or editing a comment will never based on who someone is – gender, ethnicity, who they love etc – but only on the actual comment. Discrimination sucks and doesn’t have a place here.

If you comment, I take that as an invitation to connect, and may get in touch with you via email. Naturally, NOT to add you to any mailing list, but to reach out because you said something interesting. You can of course ignore me, but that would be sad 😉

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